The generational gap between technology savvy teens and their parents is bigger—and scarier, than ever. But it doesn’t have to be. In The Know is a seminar-based education service that exists to give parents the insight and tools they need to understand what their kids are doing online, and how it’s affecting their worldview. 

With more than decade of experience under his belt as a youth worker and communicator, Luke Martin delivers engaging sessions tailored to parents, groups or teens, to uncover what’s really going on behind the screen. Technology is turbulent, fun, and moving faster than ever before, but ignoring its inherent risks can vitally impact a teen’s wellbeing. 

In The Know tackles topics teens revel in—social media, technology, pop culture, and sex; informing and educating you on how to protect your kids, and encourage them to use technology safely.

Don’t let the ever-changing, fast paced world of technology keep you from learning about what’s online. Join Luke, as he uncovers the mysterious world of Instagram stories, pornography, and Snap Chat filters, and get In The Know.


Luke Martin is a Youth Worker & Communicator of over 10 years with hands-on experience in schools, churches and non-profit organisations and a passion to see young people live vibrant, healthy and positive lifestyles.

Luke lives in a unique generational gap; young enough to be a digital native, yet old enough to remember life before the iPhone. In ten years of working with teenagers it became clear that the knowledge gap between parents and teenagers has grown to, in many cases, a serious void. As a result, he developed In The Know in the hope of strengthening home environments through informed parenting in order to build integrity and values in today’s youth.

He is married to the beautiful Learne, has a soft spot for baseball movies and is an avid music lover.


In The Know is an interactive, fun seminar designed to give parents a clear and informative snap shot of the world as seen by their teenage children. A standard In The Know booking includes a two hour presentation (including time for questions) and time at the beginning and end of the evening for light refreshments and mingling.

Over the course of the presentation we look at three core areas, as outlined below…


We look at how technology has changed the social landscape of adolescence for Gen Z. This module includes an interactive overview of the main Social Media platforms in use by teenagers, what they’re using them for, and information about cyber safety and the other social ramifications of using these mediums.


Music, film and TV are having an increasingly pivotal role in the shaping of young people’s world view. We look at the emergence of a never-before-seen obsession with celebrity thanks, in part, to 24-hour access to the lives of the celebrities via Social Media. We look at life for today’s teenagers and how its one big popularity contest measured in “likes”, “views” and “subscribers.”


If there’s one thing parents like discussing with their teenagers, it’s SEX. But having the right information about today’s cultural take on sexuality can certainly help.

Unfortunately the ol’ “Birds & Bee’s” talk doesn’t really cut it in 2017’s sex-saturated culture. From sexualised marketing to hardcore pornography just a click away, we look at the modern take on sexuality in popular culture, as well as the emotional and social consequences that result.


“Luke is a gifted communicator who is passionate about seeing parents and leaders informed about the world our young people are living in and the pressures they are facing. His presentation was informative, fun and respectful of all who were in attendance. Our parents and leaders alike loved the session and we will definitely be having Luke back at CCW again. I encourage you to do the same.”

— Adam Mihail
Youth Pastor – Community Church Warragul


It was great having Luke present at a Bella Vita Personal Development Workshop. His down to earth style & knowledge of social media hit the mark with the girls aged 12-14 years. I would not hesitate recommending In The Know.

— Vicki Martin

Director – Bella Vita Personal Development


“We found Luke to be an engaging, relevant and knowledgeable presenter. He challenged parents to not only be aware of some the trends and challenges faced by teens in regards to technology, but to engage with their kids through meaningful conversations. He spoke with honesty about some of the threats and risks associated with social media, fame and the hypersexualisation of culture. I highly recommend In The Know as a fantastic way for schools, churches or other community groups to confront the many and varied challenges related to raising teens in the 21st century.”

– Anthony Collier
Principle – Chairo Christian School Leongatha


We would love to hear from you! We facilitate seminars in a range of communities and demographics; schools, churches, community groups with staff, parents, students and more.