In The Know is an interactive, fun seminar designed to give parents a clear and informative snap shot of the world as seen by their teenage children. A standard In The Know booking includes a two hour presentation (including time for questions) and time at the beginning and end of the evening for light refreshments and mingling.

Over the course of the presentation we look at three core areas, as outlined below…


We look at how technology has changed the social landscape of adolescence for Gen Z. This module includes an interactive overview of the main Social Media platforms in use by teenagers, what they’re using them for, and information about cyber safety and the other social ramifications of using these mediums.


Music, film and TV are having an increasingly pivotal role in the shaping of young people’s world view. We look at the emergence of a never-before-seen obsession with celebrity thanks, in part, to 24-hour access to the lives of the celebrities via Social Media. We look at life for today’s teenagers and how its one big popularity contest measured in “likes”, “views” and “subscribers.”


If there’s one thing parents like discussing with their teenagers, it’s SEX. But having the right information about today’s cultural take on sexuality can certainly help.

Unfortunately the ol’ “Birds & Bee’s” talk doesn’t really cut it in 2017’s sex-saturated culture. From sexualised marketing to hardcore pornography just a click away, we look at the modern take on sexuality in popular culture, as well as the emotional and social consequences that result.